Will a Bat House Prevent bats in Your Home?

If you live in a region where New York bats are known to live as well, then you are fully aware that they may find themselves on your property at some point and even trying to get into your home. Bats are looking for a place to roost, and sometimes are looking for a location to start their own colony. Your attic or another portion of your Westchester home may be the perfect location for them to start. At least that is what they think; even though you may have a completely different idea.

You will be trying to do whatever you can to keep that bat or those Westchester bats away from your home. You may choose options such as commercial repellants, predator urine, or other new fads that you may see being sold to try to keep Westchester bats away. One of the newest ideas that people are starting to turn toward is the bat house. A bat house is a small structure that you would set some distance away from your home that allows the New York bats to have a location to roost that is secluded and offers the bat some protection while also keeping it away from your home. You can think of this in much the same way that you would think of as a birdhouse.

The difference being that this building was constructed for bats. What makes this such a useful idea is that it directly appeals to the female bat. This is where a female our group of females can start what is called a maternity colony. A female Westchester bat is looking for a more secluded location to give birth to her pup that provides safety and isolation. People often find that their attic becomes the ideal location for these house bats, and so they use the bat house as the alternative to try to keep these New York bats away from their home. While not the perfect solution, which there really is none for any kind of containment of a wild animal, this is still a practical way to control bats and keep them from trying to get into your home. These are best positioned away from trees, because the males will frequently congregate in trees and avoid the bat houses all together. This provides greater safety for the females and their young, and will make it more likely that they will be attracted to these buildings to use as their home.

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